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Agree on the future.  Take action.  Adjust in real-time. Repeat.

If you hire the right people, foster the right culture and support effective communication between people, it removes the need for time-wasting performance management complexity.
With My Employee Life, everyone can focus on getting their job done whilst eliminating costly nasty last-minute performance surprises.
Hang on, isn't performance all about data?
Sure, but only if it leads to effective action.  Sometimes it is easy to get so bogged down in historical data that everyone forgets about current performance. 
 Our priority is to ensure that everyone is communicating about the things that matter most when it matters most.   Now!
 By introducing a continuous cycle of conversation, agreement, action and adjustment, everyone can respond effectively to unfolding conditions. 

Is there any software to install or maintain?

No, My Employee LIfe is a web-based application that you can log into anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.  It will run on most devices manufactured since 2012, and works really well on all supported browsers including Explorer 10+, Edge), Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari.   There is also no need to download any Apps.

How much does it cost?
It depends on whether you just need the software platform, or whether you also need a few of our other time-saving productivity enhancing services that you might want bundled into a fixed monthly cost.  For example, here are a few questions we have helped our customers to answer.
  1. How can we make sure we hire people who are adaptable and accountable for their own performance?  

  2. How can we create a flexible people strategy that can scale in line with constantly shifting conditions?   

  3. How can we identify the internal threats and opportunities that are most relevant to us at this moment in time? 

  4. How can we continue to improve other aspects of our HR strategy to adapt as conditions change?

  5. How can we better prepare our team for a future of uncertainty and chaos. 

  6. How do we ensure we minimise any legal risks associated with our people strategy?  




My Employee Life is really simple to trial.  Simply contact us using the chat box on the bottom

right of your screen to learn more.  You will be chatting with consultants, not sales people.